Wuhan, China

It’s amazing how convenient most places are here, even rural places will probably have a supermarket or convenience store within walking distance.
This one which was 5 minutes away from our condo flat was 3 stories, almost like a giant Walmart but with much more selection but supposedly higher quality compared to small vendors elsewhere.

You enter the place on the top floor with home goods, such as kitchenware to cleaning supplies, then getting to clothing and shoes section.
You go down another floor to find your packaged/junk foods, frozen dumplings, Chinese yogurt you sip from a straw and all those good stuff.
You go down another floor for fresh groceries and cash register where you check out.
When you leave the place, there are more tinier vendor stores for even more things and popular chain restaurants like KFC and Dairy Queen.


I was taking a picture of almost everything I see, everywhere I go.

tumblr_ll8859ruC01qk18g3o6_250 tumblr_ll8859ruC01qk18g3o1_500 tumblr_ll8859ruC01qk18g3o3_250 tumblr_ll8859ruC01qk18g3o2_250

Night market shopping

Bargaining deals for jewelry


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