Shanghai, China

Shanghai World Expo

-August 2010-

Any big event that’s hosted will draw attention from the Chinese people.
The world expo hosted in Shanghai was happening that year.
Friends bring friends. Family brings family. Interns invite interns.
I felt like I had to go since I happened to be visiting China that summer.

It does not come close to Disney World,
but I was amazed just how much land was used for all this.
Is everything going to be demolished when the world expo is done for the summer?
Each country had their own structure with exhibits inside showcasing their country.
Of course the best countries had the longest lines, up to 4 hours.
I don’t think a rare lobster is even worth that wait!

Plus, everything was expensive. Not my cup of tea, but cool to see, nonetheless.
Would I go again if I could. Nah.


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