Rome, Italy

Our Airbnb home was a 15 minute walk to the Colosseum, which is the first spot on our list.

Colosseum (Colosseum, Palatine Museum, and Roman Forum 16 euros)
Definitely get the tickets online or you’d be waiting for a while. Audio Guide is 5 Euros.

This iconic Rome structure is of course a must must see; no wonder it’s the #1 on the Things to do in Rome from TripAdvisor. This oval amphiteatre is the largest amphiteater ever built in 70-80 AD. It can hold up to 50,000 to 80,000 spectators as it was originally used for gladiatorial and public spectacles. The construction of this at the time is inspiring.
IMG_2429IMG_2430 IMG_2587  IMG_2560    IMG_2444 IMG_2498



As we walked 10 minutes outside of Colosseum, there was a park with food street vendors. At first we thought it was a private event, but it was open to anyone. There were a few stands to choose from, and all are homemade and local. Stool seating was provided as well. We got lucky on this one! Otherwise who knows where the next food place would be.


Roman Forum and Palatine Hill (purchase with Colosseum tickets)

Surrounding the Colosseum, there’s still so much to see.  We explore this area, enjoyed the view from top of the hill, the pigeons we came across, and even took a half an hour nap on the green grass.
IMG_2618  IMG_2620 IMG_2623IMG_2668


Trajan’s forum, Piazza Venezia, Monumento Nazionale, Capitoline Hill

After Colosseum, 10 minutes walk to Trajan Forum, then to Piazza Venezia, visit Monumento Nazionale, and ending at Capitoline Hill. Piazza Venezia is the central hub of Rome, this is served as the embassy of the Republic of Venice in Rome. One side of the Piazza is the Monumento to Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of Italy. This monument holds the Tomb of the Unknown solder with an eternal flame.
IMG_2675 IMG_2680 IMG_2687 IMG_2699 IMG_2713IMG_2732


Dinner at Taverna Pretoriana 

Ordered two pies of pizzas, four kinds of pastas and a chicken dish. With a few drinks on the side, the total was only 53 euros, not bad for tons of food and split between 4.



Seems like whenever I get the chance, I just want to try new flavors!

IMG_2806IMG_2807 (2)


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