Seattle #1

Dunch in Chinatown at Hue Ky Mi Gia. Knowing the Yelper that I am. We decided on here. The duck noodle soup, BBQ pork fried rice, chow fun, and wonton noodles was more than what I could ask in a simple lunch. Their famous item buttered chicken wings were the best I’ve had.

Pike market is very touristy and busy. Things are overpriced too but definitely some cool finds in small shops and trying samples of bread, fruits, and iced tea.

Gum Wall is on the street level of Pike Market. Gross but entertaining to see at the same time. I’m proud to say I contributed to this artwork!

Waited in line for 15 minutes for that first Starbucks experience. It does taste better!     

Exploring Discovery Park. Driving in a forest like park and the beautiful scenic view continues.


Not too far away, might has well check out Hiram Chittenden Locks. Mounts of clams below to observe. Friendly locals pointed out herons building nests for babies! Very cool to see.


Sky View Observatory is higher than Space Needle, and cheaper too! Students, military, and seniors 55+ can get discounted tickets for $9, compared to regular adult of $14.95. Buy tickets at kiosk there, and you might even get away with buying discounted tickets since they don’t ask for ID!  

You can see the teeny Space Needle below. Sky View is on floor 73. Closes at 8 pm. Unfortunately sundown is after closing time so we didn’t get to see the night view.

Chill in the cafe, sipping beer while enjoying the high view. Pike pale ale for $4.93 happy hour.  

Free buffet time? We got lucky with our family connections. This Asian buffet steps up its game with sushi, prime ribs, and chocolate fountain! Dinner for $25 per person at Mizuki Buffet in Tukwila, WA.



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