Seattle #2

Start the day right with quiche and breakfast sandwich at Cloud City. Here is a bacon mushroom Swiss quiche and sausage egg and cheese sandwich with medium coffee. $12 breakfast for two.  
Everywhere I go, I see the Starbucks. Depleted my Starbucks card on this trip. Caramel macchiato.   

Seattle premium outlet is located north of Seattle. Tax is still higher than what we are used to at 8.9%. 

Teriyaki Bowl was pretty good! Friendly service, decent size for the price. Around $9 per plate. Lunch special for cheaper. Bubble tea available too!
Getting to Big Four Ice Cave was a beautiful drive, especially seeing the snow cap mountain from far away and the excitement of being closer and closer.

Nicks Jr burgers and gyro had 4.5 stars so I felt the need to try it. Nicks burger was exactly what I wanted in a burger, gyro was not as good as I expected, pulled pork burger was lacking something, and chicken tenders and fries was okay but definitely better with the fried sauce. The decor is cool and beer at a casual place is always a nice touch.

When traveling, we try to fit in some healthy choices in the diet. Near Nicks, we dropped in an Asian supermarket for some fruits. Many things are larger and cheaper, is this due to the convenience of ports here for imports?


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