Bellevue, WA

Start the morning sunshine with Bellevue botanical garden. This free admission location is a great gem to get lost in. Tap and scan technology to learn species.

Shop til you drop in Bellevue square. The mall has three floors, range of store selections. Everything is very new, including sofas, charging stations, bridge to connect to restaurants. One of the best shopping places on this trip.

Snack at a Byrek and Baguette outside, $4-5 each. Beef onions tomato one was the best!  

Downtown Park, round circular design with water and benches is simply beautiful. So easy to take a nap or stroll around.

Mod pizza is highly reviewed and seems like a cool place to try. I’d definitely love one of these near me! Casual, make your own, fresh pizza! Think of pizza version of chipotle.
After some more shopping and walking, it was already time for another meal of the day. Back in Seattle’s Chinatown, Sichuanese Cuisine had 4 stars on Yelp but I was disappointed by service and food quality, salty and not authentic. We did see many Americans who ordered from the place. Bubble tea from the Bubble Tea shop across the street is a good compliment to the hot spicy food.  
Sunday is free parking so being in downtown is a good idea if you want to shop and walk around. We happened to catch the May Day protest happening.

Before calling the day a night, time for some ice cream to reward ourselves for a long day. Ben and Jerry never disappoints. The best part is the Green Lake Park at sunset time across from the plaza.


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