Tacoma, WA

I’m not a breakfast person but thought I’d still try places since it’s an important meal of the day. Morsel is raved by many. We tried two sandwiches, including the Spanish Fly.  Not sure if I’d typically want to spend $10 on a breakfast meal but definitely a cool place when meeting a friend. Limited seating but complimentary fresh biscuit bites to try to make the wait less painful.

 Owen Beach and Point Defiance Park 
This “beach” is more of a shore with rocks than a sandy beach to walk barefeet on. Nonetheless, parking is available with bench seating for great picnic or family day with pets.    

Checking out Costco in Washington. Not amazed by the service compared to our usual Costco. Getting yelled at by employees because I was walking to the counter to get a membership card is not the welcome I was expecting. And almost fell by food court where there’s water on the pool with no cautious sign.   


This Mexican restaurant Taqueria El Sabor I may give 5 stars! Affordable and so delicious! Quite authentic and sel serve chips and sauces.  Exceeded expectations!   

Burning off some calories  with a nature walk. What I thought to be a relaxing 30 minute walk turning into a 6 mile trip. As we walked further and further, we decided we might as well get to the destination of the Obsevation Tower.  


The Outlet Collection was a place to cool down and check out, shopping at an outlet that are indoors is perfect on a hot sunny day.   
It’s worth trying a five star Yelp restaurant right? Very good indeed. Chicken was tender and tasty. Extra teriyaki sauce is sweet and yummy. These bowls were the perfect thing that I need as a snack.   
I’d give this place a five. I really really want to eat those original glazed donuts! They were gone so fast I didn’t even get to take a picture! Who needs Dunkin or Krispy Kreme? Can this be franchised everywhere?   

Now I’m satisfied for today. 


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