Cruise Day 1, Miami FL

I’ve been to Bahamas when I was young but it’s different when you’re going again as an adult. I’m excited to see how the place has changed from what I remember it.

Plan 4 hours of time. Taxi flat rate $27. Lyft was only $8 ($13 with $5 promo code), up to 4 passengers. Get to ship early. There are designated boarding times and everything is a lot easier if you print out documents!


Find cabin first course, and check to see for hair dryer (request if not provided as your steward will introduce themselves on first day). Familiarize the ship while the ship is still fairly empty. Tear out the schedule and bring along the compact deck plans.


Get in an extra meal of lunch on the first day. They count it as a first a day so why not make it worth while.

Your time dining guests 5:45-9:30. Line up 10 minutes before starting time for better seats by the window. The seats are not set everyday if it’s Your Time Dining so early birds get the better seating.

Everyday menu vs today menu. Pay attention to Didja item. Ordering more than one item is fine! Don’t be shy since people do it all the time! Try order two appetizers for yourself or two entrees or an entree as an appetizer size to try!

There will be many times where pictures are taken. You don’t think you’ll end up buying but if it is a really good picture and it’s printed out. One way is to use your phone and take a picture of that picture. The quality might not be as good but with a little editing/cropping, it’ll still be good enough for social media or to keep for memory.

Another tip is to recycle your unwanted picture. Maybe the picture is not the best, look for the recycle box. That way, other people won’t see it when they look for their pictures.


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