Cruise Day 2, Nassau Bahamas 

For breakfast, formal dining may not be better than buffet. Go for the buffet for a better meal!
Even better idea, bring your food from buffet to outdoor seating. There may be pigeons waiting for your left overs. Breakfast is not the meal to enjoy fine dining so go for what you want to eat, get what you like. Besides, you need a big breakfast for day on land!

Nassau has tons of shops, varying from luxury stores to souvenir shops. Try on 14 carat sapphire without feeling guilty for buying it! Associate told us that price is negotiable as well. No sales tax for tourists in Bahamas. For once you get the tax advantage of no sales tax. You can be saving up to $500 of sales tax depending on how much % you’re typically used to paying.


I was dedicated to find a straw hat in the Straw Market, however starting price was $45, and the the ending price was around $15 where they didn’t haggle further. I didn’t find an absolute must hat where I’d pay more than $15 so I left disappointed. In the end, I got my lovely hat for $10 on the Carnival cruise ship at the $10 everything store!



Small shops is cheaper than straw market, contrary to what people think. Stores all sell the same items – shot glasses, local sweets, wood work, clothing. If you really like something, just buy it! Some stores may have specific colors and designs that other stores don’t have. We had a good laugh in finding this extendable fork. It’s as long as a selfie stick, unbelievably funny.

Coconut stand for $5 coconut, swing around the area after drinking the juice and have them cut the coconut meat for you. The lady said she works off of tip. It felt so worth it at the moment because I crave coconut all year round.

Photo shoot for free. Dress the part based on the daily agenda. The photo shoot backdrops and photographers are spread out across the ship. Taking the picture is free and most of the times there are no lines. Taking the picture is free, buying it is around $22.

It’s easy to get lazy on the ship when there’s plenty of food, but don’t forget to exercise too. There’s gym which I don’t find myself going voluntarily, but I love fun activities like mini golf and thriller dance class.



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