Cruise Day 3, Half Moon Cay Bahamas 

Everyone needs to go on a smaller ship to get to the the island, so don’t forget to get a number for leaving ship to Half Moon Cay. Rentals available on island, wait for it! Itinerary and Carnival gives the impression that you’ll be bored with nothing to do if you do not spend money on excursions/rentals. If there isn’t a must do on your list, wait until you get on the island to see what you’re in the mood for!


Apply sunscreen on all exposed skin, and even bring the sunscreen. I learned this the hard way. It’s easy to forget the areas that you may be exposed to the sun if you’re applying before you leave for the cruise ship. I was wearing a loose t shirt, and only applied to the arms and legs, but got terrible tan lines on shoulders, and chest since I was in my swimsuit the whole day!

Don’t need to worry about what to buy on land, because they’ll have complimentary lunch starting at 11:30 am. This includes burgers, hot dogs, cold dishes, and fruits. After a day of beach in the sun, take the opportunity to stay in the shady huts available throughout area, with plenty of benches for eating.

If you’re pretty much done with the island, you know there will be food back on the cruise as well. That is always on option for food choices. If you like to eat, expect to gain a few pounds! If you’re trying to lose weight, it doesn’t help that they even have soft serve ice cream every day, including flavors like strawberry!

You may be overwhelmed with activities on the ship by looking at the daily agendas. If you want to have a little gambling fun, but not spend too much money in the casinos. Try Bingo. They have this on certain days and times. $30 for 6 board, 3 games, and scratch ticket. Higher chance of winning than at casino slots! It’s definitely more interactive and fun. The more people who play, the less chance of winning is, but the higher the prize, and more fun! Also helps if the game host is funny.

Half way statement check point. Rather than waiting the night before leaving the cruise, I like to check my statement on the kiosks half way through the cruise to resolve any inaccurate charges. People assume there’s only 1 kiosk by the Guest Services, but there’s usually a minimum of 2 kiosks per ship. Lines are quite long during popular times when everyone is resolving issues, which is the night before the cruise end date and day of port arrival. If possible, avoid those times for a smoother check out.


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