Cruise Day 4, At Sea 

Today could be the most fun or the most boring. For me, I knew it was stress free since I didn’t have to worry about planning how to get around a foreign place or what activities to spend money on or what food to eat. Enjoy the outside weather with food and seagulls. They’re hungry and is waiting for your leftovers.  


Play mini golf on the upper deck, board games in the library, or take beautiful selfies on the ship and ocean.


Take a nap in the late afternoon to recharge for later in the night when there are more activities that needs your energy. Afternoon naps are the best.

Participate in activities you otherwise wouldn’t, like an opportunity to bid at an art auction. Free raffle prizes. Free champagne. I felt so lucky to have won a “free artwork”. In making an appointment with a specialist in the gallery for seeing which artwork I can choose from, there was only 3. The small catch is that you can’t take it with you, it’s mandatory to ship the artwork to you which costs $25. And it’s just the artwork alone without frames included. I suppose it would have been a great deal if I loved one of the choices.

Casino is open the entire day for days at sea when usually it is closed daytime.If you’re not a gambler, try some quarters at the coin pushing game. Our family had so much fun, playing and watch others play. Each time we pass by this casino area, we’d be curious and go see if anyone pushed over and won the bills yet. This is how these games get you, they look so easy but you realize how difficult it is when you start playing. Nonetheless you still grasp onto the small hope that it’s possible.  

Of course the dining experience is not to be missed. A girl’s gotta eat! What used to feel like superior high quality service and food experience now feels like a norm. This will be the last night on the ship, better make the best of it. Until next time!


The food was somewhat disappointing; feeling unsatisfied, we wondered into the buffet area upstairs to take a gander. And this is what happened.

Watch a show at night. Two performances available so you can definitely fit one of them into your schedule! Maybe grab a margarita afterwards and sit by the outside pool deck.


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