Quebec City, Canada

We planned to leave early in the morning with our rental car and drive around 7 hours directly to Quebec City. Tired in the morning but luckily, my fiance drove the whole way so I had a chance to nap here and there. Car naps are the best, so easy to fall asleep.
Arrived at Clarion hotel at 12 pm at noon to see if our room would be ready. We had to return since the check in was too early and the night before was a fully book date so they were not yet ready for us.
img_2227 img_2229  img_2230 img_2233

Laurier Quebec and Place Ste-Foy – grab lunch at the food court. Didn’t know what to eat after walking around a few times. Even worse, we didn’t have Canadian cash yet, so we’ll have to use credit card and deal with the foreign exchange fee. We decided to try the fast food Chez AshTon. They knew minimal English so that was a fun interaction; feel like I’m in France. Ordered a burger Ashton ($4.15) and burger Expo ($4.15). TPS tax $.42. TVQ tax $.83. Total of $9.55 not bad. Burger Ashton was definitely better and felt slightly healthier than McDonald’. Debatable.
img_2234 img_2238


Roger-Van den Hende Botanical Garden – a short 5 minute walk from the shopping center, we strolled around and relaxed on the bench. Some parts without shade is too sunny but there are close to 4000 species there.
img_2248 img_2246


La Promenade Samuel-De Champlain – I loved this part of Quebec. Great weather and awesome vibe here. Group of bikers, people fishing by the water, dog walkers, people eating ice cream by the shop, and others reading on the benches. Such a memorable outing here where the view is great while getting a feel for the people and culture. Climb to the top of the staircase tower for a great view!
img_2250 img_2297


Marche public de Sainte-Foy – In the Sillery area, we stumbled upon an airy and cozy market open from May to October. There are some food vendors and fresh produce. The small strawberries were delicious along with a croissant that was perfect for a snack.
img_2289 img_2290


Pho Tonkinoise in Ste-Foy- Given that there aren’t Asian restaurants, this one caught our eye with their variety of simple comfort food. It was a delicious meal for under $30 which included a large Pho $9.95, beef pad thai $9.90, and Vietnamese sandwich $4.50. The quick food was just what we needed as we were hungry.
img_2312 img_2303



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