Old Quebec City, Canada

We’re not early birds but wanted to spend as much time we can in the new country. Ready to head out from hotel at 8:30 am, the drive was only 15 minutes to Old Quebec. Circling around in the area to get a feel for the place that we’ll be spending a whole day in. Some roads are narrow and one way only; good thing we don’t rent a large car. Finding parking was our first challenge. Spending time in the city by foot is more idea than driving. Parking per hour was expensive around $2.50/hr with 2 or 5 hour limits. We didn’t want to bother with moving the car every few hours and found a great deal at one of the parking lots by the port for $12 for the whole Saturday. So worth it when you arrive the city early and there are parking spots available.
img_2320 img_2322


Passages in Solites – Starting from where we parked, we walked where the adventure took us. We found that many places were on this walking guide. People usually gathered wherever there were one of these cube maps situated. We enjoyed walking around in such peaceful and tranquil city before tourists and everyone else crowded the city. The atmosphere is quite different where we feel like a local when there aren’t many people vs feeling like a tourist when streets are filled with people.
img_2329  img_2332


Notre Dame Des Victoires  Church – The colonial French style church is in this cute plaza with restaurants and shops. Sitting down on the bench and observing the view. In the afternoon, we witnessed a baby shower where people were celebrating outside the church. Interesting fact: this was a location filmed in 2012 Catch Me If You Can movie.
img_2339 img_2338


Fresque des Québécois – Located in Vieux Quebec in the Quartier de Petite Champlain, we passed this mural more than five times during our stay since we walked so much in the city. This adds onto the old world charm from the streets and provides a glimpse into the history and culture. Supposedly there are more than fifteen historic figures including leading artists and writers!


Breakneck Stairs – only 59 steps. One of the oldest stairs here built in 1635. The name derives from the steep incline. This is close to the mural and in the old Quebec City.


Funicular – It’ll be hard to miss this. The cable car is very cool and a great way to get from/to Upper and Lower Towns, around $2. Otherwise, it’ll be a lot of stairs going and down the city.


Baguette et Chocolat – One of the top 10 bakeries in Quebec city. We were drawn in by the open windows to see what it was all about. We got picked bakeries to enjoy on the outside seating. They also have savory and sweet crepes, sandwiches, and coffee menu.
img_2359 img_2365


Escalier du Faubourg – 99 steps of stairs is also known as Sante-Clair or Le Soleoil Stairs. Very cool design and the view was great of Saint-Roch.


Château Frontenac – this hotel runs for around $300 per night. The plaza in front of this along the water is such a great walk. It was a cool touch to have the diamond shaped openings to look at the underground forts. At night time, take a seat on the bleachers and enjoy the street performers.
img_2354 img_2466


Notre Dame de Quebec – The doors are open for visitors to check out the inside if there are no events.
img_2464 img_2465

Marche Du Vieux Port – This indoor market is open all year round! There is a good amount of choices of vendors for vegetables, fruits, seafood, candy, wine, and leather. We didn’t find the need to buy vegetables as we’re not doing any cooking in the hotel. We did enjoy the food vendors in there like So-Cho sausages and ice capcream. There was churros, dessert/bakery shop, and burger stand outside.
img_2378 img_2380 img_2384 img_2382 img_2396 img_2397


Cap-Blanc Stairs – 398 steps! We walked from the market and down the shoreline. We rested on the benches located along the way. When we decided it was far enough, google maps showed us these staircase back to the center of the city. Not going to lie, this was tiring. Who knew that this was a great prelude to next day’s Montmorency Falls stairs.
img_2402 img_2403 img_2406 img_2407


Cafe hobbit – Good reviews on yelp so we decided to give it a try. They had happy hour menu from 4-7 pm. Limited 3 tables outside seating. We didn’t have reservation but were lucky to be there at a time where there was a table for us before someone else reservation at 7:30. Bread on the house with soft butter. The duck drumetts glazed with honey and ginger was delicious, sweet and lean. The beef burger with old cheddar and bacon met expectations with an edge of lettuce. Pint of beer for $6. And my beef tartar which came with arugula and fries was a satisfying and relatively healthy meal. Sitting by the table and enjoying the French cuisine dinner was just what I was hoping for in Quebec.
img_2429 img_2434 img_2440 img_2441 img_2456 img_2459

Festival D’ete Quebec – We happened to be there at a good time, the last weekend of the summer festival in Quebec. 9 stages were located around the city with 2-5 concerts a day, some free admissions and open to public and others require passes (Selena Gomez, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flo Rida performed). We experienced a virtual reality for a minute or so. Rejuvenated with a strawberry slushie.
img_2462  img_2421 img_2468 img_2473


Pallard- We encountered this cafe on our walk home/to the car. European and North American inspired bakery shop that have bread, sandwiches, and gelato. We grabbed some eye catching bakery and breads for tomorrow’s breakfast.
img_2476 img_2482

It felt like we did quite a bit of walking today. In fact, using my phone tracker, we achieved 15.42 miles of walking. Amazing! No wonder my feet and thighs were sore the next day.


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