Hong Kong Day 2 

Surprisingly we slept at 1:30 am last night, very late. Sleeping in a real bed the night after that long sitting international flight felt heavenly, especially for someone like me who loves sleeping. We naturally woke up around 8 am but didn’t want to get out the bed. We spent time researching unlocking our phone so we can use SIM card, watched Andrew Zimmerman’s bazaar foods on Hong Kong, and now we are pumped to start another day in Hong Kong! 

Breakfast! More like brunch since it’s 11 am. Ladies market is not set up yet. Most places are open now. We saw Good Hope Noodles and was like oh! It was one on a website when researching on HK food! The Braised Noodle with Shredded Pork and Wontons (40 HKD) and the Noodle with Stewed Beef Brisket Soup (35 HKD). We’ve been eating a lot of these dishes at different places now, so we are building standards and expectations each time.  We are turned off by the ammonia like taste from these yellow noodles in soups. Apparently it’s because these type of noodles are made with alkaline water for firmer texture; the taste is supposed to dissipate and dilute but too bad most restaurant doesn’t change the boiling water often enough. So far there’s only one restaurant that didn’t have the ammonia taste and that was the breakfast places yesterday. Overall this place is okay, didn’t exceed my expectations. 

Not too far away, we stumbled on Yuen Po St Bird Garden and Flower Market. I like how all these sellers and stores are all centrally located together like a hub. Makes it easy for buyers to know where to go when we need something, but also hard to decide on where to buy since they all sell the same varieties of goods. Compare and contrast! I felt sad looking at all these birds, it’s like they want to escape from their cages or chains. 

We have been looking at places for a haircut for Tommy (my fiancé). There are so many choices, most of which are on second levels so you only see the hair salon signs but not the hair salon store front to judge what they’re like. Average prices for hair wash +haircut+ blow dry is 108-148 HKD. He decided on a place named I Do. He was scared for a bad haircut or something crazy they might do that will make him look too Asian. He was going to be stuck whatever haircut for the rest of the trip. It turned out to be a decent cut, the guy knew what he was doing and got it done in no time. Fast hairstylists know what they’re doing. we gave 10% tip but it’s voluntary and the hairstylist didn’t expected it. Based on research, good practice is 10% if they did a good job. 

We feel lucky whenever we come across a street full of street vendor stalls. This one was all fruits; many fruits to choose from. I miss these Longan Fruit from when I ate them in China, and got two lb for 20 HKD. They have veggies, mangoes, bananas, apples, etc. I saw some weird ones I didn’t know the names of too. 

Olympian City was a nice Shopping Center with all kinds of department stores. They have food court which we expected to be expensive, but they were pretty cheap! This meal at Hong Kong Bistro is only 38 HKD. They took away a few chicken pieces from the plate as they scooped it into our plate. After eating, we rushed back to the apartment to meet our friends who just arrived to Hong Kong a day after us. 

On our way to Eyebar in Tsim Sha Tsui, we stopped for food that appealed to our eyes (egg waffle, chicken satay skewer) and then at a local restaurant, grabbed some beer from across the street at Circkle K to eat with our meal. 

EyeBar is on the 20F floor on the top of a building, with amazing views from the outside balcony. The light show is the biggest in the world. They have happy hour special 6-9 on cocktails. Drinks are around 100 HKD. Just for the view and vibe, it’s worth it. Sitting outside may get chilly as the night goes on. We spent 3 hours up there talking and just hanging out.

After that, food!  We are getting in the habit of trying something or sharing in many different places rather than getting too much at one place and getting too full at once. 

We passed by Temple Street Night Market, what Hong Kong is known for. We couldn’t really eat much at this point so will make a mental note: need to come back to get the garlic crabs at this place! Heard it’s the bomb and so good. 

It’s close to 1 am, and we are still walking outside, through the red light district, seeing street vendors selling sex toys and bongs. There’s the place with all fruits in crates that are literally on the street. Calling it a night, because there’s no more food places open and we are home. 


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