Hong Kong Day 3

It feels like we just got here but know this place like it’s our home. We recognize places we have passed before and feel more and more familiar with our surrounding. 

Not too far from our apartment, Guangdong Roast Restaurant great for our breakfast. We were drawn in by the roasted meat hanging. Earlier in the day is best to get roasted meat over rice because it’s freshly made daily and you get first pick. Our roasted pork over rice, roasted goose over rice, combination roasted meat over rice, wonton soup, and pineapple bun with butter were all delicious. We learned that to tell the difference from goose and duck is that goose has a big bump on their forehead. Hong Kong is known for roasted goose so I hope to eat a lot more of it. 

I noticed that there are sitting areas or community parks which I thought was neat. They’re especially useful during the day when you just need a place to rest your feet or snack on food you got to go. 

Herbal tea seems popular; it’s extremely cool when you see legit places with the big urn. I thought they were just for decorative purposes but they boil the tea in there! 

Street food is everywhere and all very good. Even for dinner, there are restaurants with seating outside. Weather is an issue sometimes and it was pretty neat to see a bunch of vendors under a big hut. I can see how popular it is on a typical summer night. 

We also passed a Majong Playing Center which I have not seen til now. They had the doors wide open so it must be legal right? Nobody was inside but maybe because it’s early in the morning. 

I’m telling you there are these markets everywhere. Raining days must suck for them though. 

There are tons of good small eats places where there’s no seating, just order and walk and eat places. Popular ones with business seem to be always in the corners. More foot traffic in the corners as people make turns and cross street lights. These shrimp noodle rice rolls were really good; fresh and warm, thin rice rolled up and topped with all kinds of sauce, with spicy sauce if preferred. 

I still catch myself looking the wrong way when crossing the side walk. Hong Kong traffic is from the right, driver drives on the right. When the red walk sign turns green, the sound is a fast beeping. It’s pretty distinct the first time you hear it. People might be conditioned to walk when they hear that. Pedestrians waiting for the green walk sign can be on their phone and know it’s time to cross when they hear the beeping. 

Touristy areas have souvenir shops. I personally prefer the fun of outside street vendors since most of these goods are the same and prices are more negotiable with outside sellers with supposedly lower overhead. 

I liked some of the original paintings of Hong Kong and bowls with chopsticks to stick through horizontally for noodles (we will figure out how to stuff it in our luggage). A set of two bowls we gagged down to 60 HKD. Our friend bought a set and we bought a set. Other popular things are fridge magnets, t shirts, USB drives in all sorts of cute designs (cartoon characters, food items, and game pieces). 

We headed over to the Promenade in Tsim Sha Tsui for a stroll by the water and get a spectacular view of the skyline. Today was a little chilly so we didn’t spend too much time there but the friends we came to Hong Kong with got engaged today, right here! We helped with recording and photo taking. This was the major task on our list and the main reason we came to Hong Kong. 

We are strange like that, we like hidden and non touristy places for food. We like small mom and pop places that is not overhyped and has good food that we found on our own. On the bridge connections walkways above highways, we came across a wonton places that caught our eye. I think they wrap it and make it which is why it took at least 15 minutes for us to get the food? 

Hong Kong Polytechnic Univeristy is supposedly a pretty good univerisity; we saw it and walked through the campus. 

We went to 3 tailoring shops to get quote estimates for how much a 3 piece suit with dress shirt is. We decided to go with Manhanttan Tailoring. From our comparisons, for the wool/cashmere fabric and price, they seem like a good fit.  Our friend got 2 sets of 3 piece suits (black and blue) with 2 dress shirts. Tommy got 1 set of 3 piece suit (grey) with dress shirts. They throw in a complimentary tie too. They claim they have local Hong Kong manufacture with 30 workers, not imported from China or anything. The fitting is ready tomorrow and we will have the suits before we leave in 6 days. Price was negotiated down to around 3100 HKD ($400 per suit set). Let’s just hope it’s really nice since it is completely custom made. 

I had the best curry thus far on this trip here. Not sure what the name is of this place actually. Beef curry (49 HKD = $6.35). We also got the egg beef sandwich and stir fry instant noodle. The curry though is flavorful, decent size, and just tasted plain good. 

These egg waffles are almost everywhere and all taste pretty good. Buttery and eggy. I stick to the good old originals although many places that specialize in these have ones with different fillings you can choose from. 

Our feet were mad tired and us two ladies went to get feet massage while the guys went to explore for 50 minutes. I try to stay away from sketchy places that might be more than just a message. Signs is the sign is too flashy or advertise for 24 hour open. If it’s up dark stairways to upper floors or have woman just standby idly trying to make eye contacts with strangers, or men in particular. We chose this place, where we peeked in to seek if it’s legit; 50 minutes for 138 HKD ($18). 

She gave me shorts to change into so it’s easier to massage legs. Some massaging techniques hurt like when she grabbed the right calves. I can only resist so much pain and then pulled back when it’s too much pressure. She was telling me that part is associated with stomach and I shouldn’t drink much cold and icy drinks. She also said massaging lightly doesn’t do anything, and if it hurts then that means it’s effective. I remember enjoying the feet massages more in China where there are individual rooms with 2-4 chairs and includes backs too. 

Being at 7:30 pm, with the rain, we went back to the home to rest. I actually knocked out when we got back and took a 3 hour power nap. Man we are eating dinner late, at 10:30 pm. We ate at one of the places near Temple Street Market; that garlic spicy crab is everywhere. We had 6 people eating, and ordered fish soup, scrambled egg dish, chicken curry, beef he fun noodles, spareribs clay pot rice, and garlic crabs. Total came out to 480 HKD ($63). Crabs was the pricey dish at 200 HKD, I didn’t think it was that spectacular. We popped a BYOB bottle of champagne too to celebrate their engagement. We are calling this a night and again sleeping at 2 am. 


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