Hong Kong Day 5

We may have set ourselves for failure. Our goal was to go to Macau today but we wanted to wake up naturally without setting an alarm. We slept at 3:30 am, and  guess what time we woke up. Noon time. We didn’t get out the door til 1 pm. Our general idea for today is explore central and Victoria’s peak. 

Our breakfast at 1:45 pm (I mean technically lunch) at Sui Yuan Restaurant (随园小馆)on Portland street is another place I loved. I have not yet been disappointed by breakfast/lunch places yet. I find tha price is affordable and the food is so comforting to start out the day with. We ordered our own dishes, two friends ordered two types of noodle soups. Tommy ordered wonton soup noodles, and I got beef congee, 129 HKD ($17). I’m telling you as I looked around, all the dishes everyone else was eating looked so good. 

We hopped on the MTR from Yau Ma Tai to Central. 

After exiting the station, check out the fancy shmancy Landmark Prince’s. They got high end brands like Chloe, Ralph Lauren, and Ascot. 

Even the bathroom is mad nice, marble everywhere. Yes I took a picture of the bathroom. There’s a designated cleaning lady inside cleaning after each stall after someone goes. Bathroom is whole other topic all in itself. I recommend malls and hotels for bathrooms; small restaurants doesn’t all have bathrooms and the ones that do probably doesn’t have toilet paper or has pee on the floor. This bathroom I felt like a princess in. 

Walking in this Cheung Kong Center area, I can tell it’s a financial district with tall skyscrapers and professionals of many ethnicities walking around in suits. The trolleys were especially neat to see as they occupied the middle of the roads. 

We were excited to go on the Peak Tram; absolutely 5 minute of line to purchase our tickets. Single way tram ride is 45 HKD for adults, so round trip tram tickets is 90 HKD ($12). If you have octopus card, that’s also valid and you just directly tap on the machine. 

I believe many people want to go to up there for the night view? I know this because when we passed this same ticket place at 5 pm, the line goes all the way to outside the designated waiting path (at least one hour wait). Waiting for that long is not worth it. Let me know you before and after pictures.

The tram ride itself only takes about 8 minutes. Going up, it’s wise to sit on the right side to view the scenery. It is so steep, I feel like I was on a roller coaster ride that is not heading down at any point. The maximum steepness is as high as 48%. I don’t know how this tram is climbing up the rails but I was nervous. Very fun and it’s a must. Can’t believe this was in operation since 1888! 

Right when we exit the tram, all of a sudden there are so many shops left and right for souvenirs and prices were decent. Keychains, t shirts, small artwork, scarves, etc. We didn’t want to stay indoor and shop floor by floor, and left to go outside for the view. 

Lions View Point Pavillion is a few minute walk and we spent some time here taking Amazon pictures at this place for free and view is just as awesome as the new “peak” building.

Such fresh air up here as we strolled upward. There is a temperature change and is chilly up here. If I lived in Hong Kong, I would really enjoy hiking up the mountain instead of taking the tram and explore the many hiking trails around this area. Rested in Starbucks, the green tea red bean muffin is only 21 HKD ($2.72)! Only 30 minute wifi though with activation code on the receipt, so keep that receipt. 

I haven’t seen many homeless people here and so far have only seen two maybe from the past five days here. I was surprised to see a homeless person sleep on the ground at a busy sidewalk, across from all the high end commercial stores. I took a picture since I haven’t seen many homeless or beggars at all. 

This area of central Hong Kong is very cool, with stalls along the steep steps. There were stalls selling face masks (ex: Trump, Batman), embroidered shoes, traditional umbrellas, key chains and more.

We had to accomplish our task of eating at the one star Michelin restaurant and Anthony Bordain recommended Yat Lok. Man was I disappointed. This is my first Michelin restaurant and I’m not sure why this one specifically is awarded. Maybe my expectations was too high? It was okay I guess, but why this place out of all the places that have roasted goose? Roasted goose over rice is alright (55 HKD/$7), the goose seemed dry and overlooked. The BBQ pork over noodles (53 HKD/$7) was more salty than what I would have liked. 

We saw these restaurant vendors outside, which may be the same restaurants as the ones they’re right in front of. When we turned back to this later at 6 pm, they were already cleaning up. Why so early? It was drizzling or the dinner time is over? 

Highly reviewed 4.5 star yelp place, Tai Cheong Bakery, was founded in 1954! Three main items: egg tart, coconut tart, and chicken pie. We got one of each to try. Egg tart is 9 HKD/$1.17. We stood in front of the place and ate a little bit of each one and trust me egg tart is the way to go. We went back and got another egg tart. The second one was even better because that one was from a new fresh batch that’s warm and toasty. 

Isn’t the night view just amazing. The bridges to cross highways and roads usually is steps but this one had an flat incline, must be nice on a tiring day. 

As we are walking, the snack Lo Mai Gai (sticky rice chicken) caught my eye. Just 20 HKD/$2.78 we cured our hunger for a snack. It was in the steamer the whole time so it was hot as I unwrapped the lotus leaf wrap. 

And then bakeries everywhere. Look out for sales end of the day and night time! These pineapple buns were on sale for only 3 HKD/$0.40 because they make fresh batches daily. 

At this supermarket, they had all these frozen meats and you can choose whatever you want and place it in the basket to be weighed. So handy for homemade hot pot! We skimmed and looked at alcohol, very good price! This bottle of whisky for 90 HKD/$12! Had to get it. 

People love to gamble here, specifically this popular Hong Kong Jockey Club. We saw it everywhere and a lot of love to bet. The races are Wednesdays and Saturdays I believe. 

We took the MTR home from Sai Ying Pun  to Yau Ma Tei. It’s just amazing how clean the stations are! It reminds of being at an airport! 


The MTR stations typically cover a pretty big area so at your destination stop, you may want to check out which exit to leave from to minimize your walk as you get out there station. Faster walking underground with less people and stops from crosswalks. 

We got home and took a nap for an hour. Motivated to stick to our plan and take a walk outside. I know, more walking. We promised each other that we would stay within close proximity to our home and come back by midnight. We need to make it to Macau tomorrow! 

This coconut juice (large 22 HKD) was bangin! I think mixed with milk perhaps? So refreshing! 

This joint by our home at ladies market is so good! We tried a fried twirly intestine thing on a stick (13 HKD/$1.69) and octopus on stick (18 HKD/$2.34). Let me tell you. This octopus thing is what I’ll definitely get again another day. Another stick all to myself I tell you. It’s still juicy on the inside and the sauce they brush on top, drooling just thinking about it. 

Next to this corner joint, the Hot Star fried chicken place is amazing! Totally worth the 30 HKD/$3.89 for that big piece of chicken piece, that original popular item. Everyone who saw us eating it wants it. 

We are concluding our day after we looped around in a circle. Ladies market vendors are all gone with everything packed. 


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