Hong Kong Day 6

Macau here we come! 

We woke up and showered, feeling refreshed and ate our pineapple buns we bought from yesterday. For breakfast, our friends went to Cun Grandpa restaurant, each got bowl of noodle soup and added bread/sausage plate for additional 6 HKD. Their total was only 46 HKD/$6! 
Meanwhile, we went across the street to a more local place, Sheng Zi Ji (深仔记). They’re open 8:30-4:30, so mainly breakfast and lunch. Tommy was so happy with his beef brisket soup with flat noodles (29 HKD/$3.76); beef was so soft and melted in your mouth. The soup was flavorful and pure. I got the pig feet with Mei Fun noodles (29 HKD/$3.76), it’s a thinner round type of noodles. The beef brisket one is definitely better and did not regret separating from our friends for this. The soup was also different between our two. 

MTR to TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) and walked to the ferry place. When we are on the train, I realize I forgot my infinity at the restaurant! Oh well, I’ll just get another one. On our way trough this narrow sidewalk, I passed this market food place inside a tent like venue. I peaked through and want to eat at one of those place at night time. 

Follow the sign for the China ferry, its inside the mall. Story time. As we made our way up the escalator, a lady asked if we are going to Macau, yes, hurry! hurry! the next train is at 10:45 am, you can make it, get the ticket here! Everyone was getting the tickets here so we followed. Everything happened so fast but dang we got hustled! Don’t make the mistake we did! This is what happens when you’re in a rush. Thinking back, they were just reselling tickets that was purchased! The guy was holding a stack of tickets, a lady was in charge of credit card payments (10 extra HKD fee), and the other lady at the escalator was there to bring us there. There are multiple ferry companies. We originally planned to take Turbo Jet ferry but was rushed onto this Cotai Water Jet one; seems like the same boat but they hustled us with the ticket price! We now see the price is only 319 HKD/$42 round trip per person if we buy directly. We paid them 370 HKD/$48! Fare varies depending on weekday/weekend, day/night, and going/return way. Seems like only $6 per ticket difference, but that’s 51 HKD! I can get a bowl or two of noodles or octopus skewers or pineapple buns or … 51 HKD life lesson. On receipt, they are registered as a travel agency so it’s legal? They were literally standing right in front of where the ticket booth is! To make us feel a little better, our return was at night which is more expensive at 190 HKD instead of the 154 HKD. 

The ferry is 70 minutes with assigned seating (shown on orange sticker the entrance officer manually sticked on). It’s not too shaky but when the ferry goes fast, you definitely feel the waves. There is a throw up bag at every seat just in case. 

After arrival, we saw many free shuttle busses to take us to the casinos. We jumped on the Sands Resort bus and brought us to Parisian. It’s so pretty as the doorman opened the door for us at the entrance. The marble, the lights, the ceiling paintings. It’s absolutely breathtaking. 

We were scouting out for a good buffet; you can ask to go in and take a look at the food before getting a table, that’s how we decided whether to stay or leave. Good choice to come to Bamboo Buffet in Venetian (218 MOP + 22 MOP for 10% service charge= 240 MOP/$30 per person). They had 3-4 choices of seafood, sashimi, appetizers, congee bar, noodle bar, entrees, and assorted desserts. One drink per person as well (chose lemon iced tea).


My personal favorite was the oxtail and double steamed milk for dessert. Get the larger bone pieces, it’s soft and great combination of all kinds of flavor in one bite. 

Our plan was to spend the day time outside in downtown Macau and come back to these casinos at night time. There are free shuttles that go there, Lisboa Casino we figured is the closest casino to the downtown area. 

There is a catch we learned later. That same shuttle doesn’t go from the hotel back to Venetian place as they don’t want people to go back to other casinos. However there is free shuttle from a few blocks away that brings us to City of Dreams. That stops right in front of Studio City, which is right across from Parisian. 

From Lisboa Casino, we walked 15 minutes to downtown area. Saint Dominic’s Church is right in the center of all the commercialized shops. Everyone can enter and walk around. 

This place is recommended by Michelin, black peppered biscuit. It was bready on the outside and inside is had pork and was piping hot. 

Want free food? Walk towards the Ruins of St. Paul’s. All the shops are selling the same things: almond cookies, biscuits, and meat jerkys. People are cutting the jerkins for you to try, cookies samples are in small containers, and there are promoters holding samples and vouchers at the steps of Ruins. There’s no pressure to buy anything either. 

The Ruins of St. Paul’s is a must! We took many pictures here. 

Portuguese egg tart is a must try too! It’s cheaper on smaller streets (9 HKD compared to 20 HKD). It’s more cheesy flavored and looks more baked and browned on top than regular egg tart. 

We took the free shuttle bus to Dreams of City, and got to Studio City in less than 10 minutes. Different theme and vibe than casinos before, inside is city themed with walkways being like city streets and fake New York subways. 

The awesome part is you can go out to the patio on upper floor by Golden Reel. The pathways are perfectly designed for walks while getting a picturesque view of Studio City building itself. 

We walked across the street to Parisian. No particular agenda in mind. Table minimums are 200 MOP and up ($25), but most of them have a lot higher minimums. We played 100 HKD in the slots and in 5 minutes, left with 0.30 HKD. I’ll keep the voucher as a souvenir. A $13 souvenir for my scrapbook. 

Enjoyed the view from the bottom of Eiffle Tower while waiting for shuttle bus back to the ferry. Ferry leaves every half an hour and return to Hong Kong at night time is 190 HKD. It was drizzling so the weather wasn’t on our side for a smooth ferry ride. There’s wifi on the Cotai Waterjet but I doubt anyone is really on their phone when we can barely open our eyes from feeling dizzy. This ride is a more rough than coming to Macau.

It was a nightmare to go through Hong Kong immigration. The line was so long. And people aren’t he nicest. Worker lady is yelling at people to make one line and which line to stand in. We all filled out the wrong card before, departure Hong Kong card instead of the arrival Hong Kong card. But since we all had diffeeent immigration officer, all of them got nice people who still let them pass since it’s the same information. I got directed to back of the line to fill out the accurate card. Not the best experience. 

I can’t believe we are still full and didn’t feel like eating much. We couldn’t resist ourselves and got the Hot Star Original Chicken again and Octopus Skewer by our home. This time we enjoyed this at the comfort of our home while watching Asian television. 


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