Hong Kong Day 7 

We slept in and didn’t have an agenda in mind for the day until a friend told me to check out Lamma Island; she makes time go to there evetytime she visits HK. Man, if I planned this yesterday, we would have gotten up a lot earlier! It’s okay we still have the whole rest of the day. We managed to get out the door by 12:30 sharp. 

Breakfast at Cun Grandpa (村爷爷), same franchise our friends were at yesterday but this one is different. They had a window to pick the noodle and food items. Price is based on the number of food items you chose which I realized the lady kept on recommending items to try. Our total for the two of ours was 75 HKD/$9.72. 

A two minute walk to the MTR Yau Ma Tai station. We are heading to Central stop. Make sure to get out the station at exit A (Central piers for ferry) for faster route upon leaving the station. Following the signs for Central Pier 4, it got us directly to the Sok Kwu Wan. Most convenient to use octopus card to tap and go in prior to departure time, only 17 HKD/$2.37 there (Monday to Saturday Adult fare). 

Here is fare prices to/from Sok Kwu Wan

Here is fare prices to/from Yung Shue Wan 

With the hiking trail (orange line shown on map), it took us a journey of around 2 hours. Many beautiful scenery shots along the way. It didn’t feel too tiring and the the trail is a paved road, it’s easy to navigate by following the signs to Yung Shue Wan. From there, we can take the ferry back to Hong Kong. 

Along the way, we saw Kamikazee Grottos, which is a 10 meter tunnel that Japanese made during World War 2 to station soldiers and speedboats in to launch suicida attacks on opponents ship. But war ended before work is finished. Upon standing near the tunnel entry, it felt warm, or at least warmer than outside. 

The view is just absolutely incredible, especially at the high altitudes. We found ourselves trying to capture the moment as we got higher and higher on the mountain. 

We all of a sudden walked into Hung asking Yeh Beach and it felt like a tropical island. It’s too cold to go swimming. But people can still enjoy the weather by the waters at the Barbequr Area with their own food. 

There were many kinds of fruits we saw grown on the trees. What I thought was coconut on the trees is probabaly papaya. There’s also a jackfruit like fruit too. 

You know it just be good if there are many customers buying something and enjoying it while eating it. It’s like best kind of food advertising. We got Dou Fu Hua (Soya Bean Curd). That’s the only thing sold. Hot or cold, eat there or take away, or soymilk. The texture melts in your mouth and liquid holds a sugary ginger flavor. It was a nice warm snack on a cold day. 

As we got closer and closer to downtown, there were many foreigners. We saw someone who had a beer businesses and a few other bars tailored to foreigners. Some may be travelers although we encountered people who lived here who were walking there dogs or carrying babies to stroll around. There must be a good amount of English speaking people because there were many flyers advertising for turtoring, pet sitting and photoshop teaching. 

We didn’t find too much food we wanted to try and we had to rush back to TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) for suit fitting. I did try a beef skewer though which was juicy but not as hot as expected. 

The ferry from Yung Shue Wan back to Central is 14 HKD/$1.82 (Monday to Saturday), 19 HKD/$2.47 (Sunday). I can’t believe how affordable it is to take the ferry to island! If you retire on the island, it’s a close and convenient ride to the city. 

We were heading to Causeway Bay Area but had to visit a restaurant we researched that was good. At 5:50 pm, we ate “dinner” at Northern Dumpling Yuan, I enjoyed. Our pork and cabbage dumplings (10 pieces for 42 HKD/$5.44), Sichuan Spicy Noodles (40 HKD/$5.19), and garlic eggplant (25 HKD/$3.24). Total is 107 HKD/$13.86. The dumplings is on point, we saw an older lady hand wrapping it in the restaurant, the wrapper is just right, not too thick or thin. Cabbage inside adds a crunch too. I wish I know how to make this! Sichuan spicy noodles had a sweet peanut butter sauce that went so smoothly well with the noodles. The eggplant was a cold dish but didn’t know that before ordering. It was still good but we would have been fine without it. 

Funny but on our way here, we saw a snack place and wanted to try it but there was a line and we were determine to go to Northern Dumpling. After eating there, we had to try that place too (at 7:15 pm). Making room in our stomach, we tried 4 potsticker dumplings (10 HKD/$1.29) and 4 Sheng Jian Bao (10 HKD/$1.39). Tommy really liked this place but it didn’t beat the Northern Dumlijngs we just had. The potsticker is not the super fried oily dumpling from chinese takeouts, it taste healthier and bottom is only lightly browned.  I do like the outside seating with the feel of real street food. 

This is so bad but we had to stop by another restaurant before leaving the area in case we don’t have another chance to come back here. Within the same hour (7:50 pm), we ate at Sister Wah. I really can’t do it so us two shared one bowl of Beef Brisket Soup with flat noodles (45 HKD/$5.83). This is unbelievably better than I thought. There were constantly customers coming in, and people were sharing the limited tables they had. Who cares? Food is what people are here for. The soup is clear but full of beef flavor and brisket is by far the best. It’s more of a clean taste with all kinds of spices, different than yesterday’s beef brisket soup noodles where it was a darker soup and spicy beef. The beef texture is tender and falls apart easily upon first chew. Paired up with the flat rice noodles, I’m telling you, I’ll have this over pho any day. So simple but so good! 

Back at the Manhattan Tailor, this was the 3rd visit. 1st being the inquiry/checking out the store, 2nd when we went back the same day to actually choose what we want/pay, 3rd when the guys went to try the upper jacket, 4th is today, trying on full suit for final alterations. Turnaround time of 3-5 days is so fast. Not sure if I’d recommend this place though since the owner who worked with us had this attitude of being defensive about anything we said. It’s like he wants to help but don’t. I don’t remember him smiling, ever. So serious and arrogant the whole time. Anything we said, he had to attack us back with another line. Maybe that’s how I felt, not sure how he got 5 stars from 18 reviews on TripAdvisor. 

For bars, Lockhart Road in Wan Chai is the place. It was a street with bar after after. Way busier here than Mongkok. No advertisers standing outside here, you can just tell it’s off the chain with how many people were inside. Majority of the people were foreigners/travelers though. 

Waking around in Wan Chai area, we came across such pretty Shopping area, with lanterns throughout the entire stretch. 

We originally headed here for the Underbridge Spicy Crab but we were still so full, so we got a snack at the quick eat Qiang Ji Mei Shi. The sticky fried rice was okay. And the rolled rice noodles was oily and I wasn’t a fan of it being pan fried where one side was crunch/sticky to teeth. It was recommended by Michelin, as they had a sign in the back. We got a green bean soup to go and brought it home. 

We use google maps everywhere; we’ve done plenty of walking. Rather than walking back to the MTR station, the 112 bus was actually very close and was 4 stops to Dundas Street, even closer to our home than the MTR. Same time than if we were to take the MTR, but this is a straight shot instead of switching lines. 

Guess what we got on our way home? More of those Hot Star chicken! This time we tried popcorn chicken. I wonder if the guy remember us because he legit saw us three nights in a row. 


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