Hong Kong Day 8 

Last full day here! Tommy and I got out the door by 10 am. Our friends are still sleeping so we went out for brunch and came back home. Fa Yuen Street market is where we wanted to get our breakfast. There were 3 floors of grocery and produce, with the very top floor being the food court.

At Mui Kee Congee, the set up is very very casual, almost like outside street food moved to indoors. All kinds of congee, and small dishes to choose from. We got the congee with shred salted pork and preserved egg, congee with sliced fish and pork meatballs, fried dough, and rolled rice noodles, total 97 HKD/$13. I was amazed by how fast the food was served; after we ordered and within the next few seconds, each item came one by one. I’d love a place like this by my house. The consistency of the congee is perfect and you can tell it took hours and hours to cook to get to that consistency. Just one bowl of congee is so filling, we should have shared one. It’s so comforting to have something warm and lightly flavored for the morning.

The last thing I expected was to get clothes here. I’m picky about clothes since I’m not exactly as petite as the average Asian chick here and the style is different too. As we were waiting to cross the street, clothes on the corner store caught my eye. I then realized everything is 50 HKD/$7! No trying on anything, even the cardigan that’s easy to try on, she said no but assured me it should fit since it’s loose fitting. The long green fleece shirt has fleece lining and even pockets! The knitted cardigan was well worth it; heavy because of all that yarn for material.

We came back to home to meet with our friends before heading outside again to venture around. By this time, we are stuffed but our friends are starving; they woke up at noon. As we head to Tim Ho Wan for dimsum, there are people who just hang out in public areas like parks/plazas/bridges like they’re having a picnic. I saw this before too but still can’t seem to figure out who these people are and what they’re doing. They are all women, and many of them wearing hijabs (head shawl). They are not beggars nor homeless since they all have plenty of take away food and snacks. Most of them are on their iPhones. My best guess is that it’s almost like a bonding experience to just all hang out in one place for the day while enjoying the city. So like picnic in the city?

This was what I was secretly scared of: Tim Ho Wan being packed with a long line. We ain’t got time for that. 

Friends are starting to get hangry as we tried to find a new place to eat. Ma’s Restaurant was down the street and no waiting time. There were too many menus, but I’m glad there are pictures in the menu. They also have 10% service charge if it’s for dinner at 5:30 pm. We ordered beef soup noodles, hot spicy beef with rice, scallion beef, wonton soup, and lemon tea, and Hong Kong milk tea for drinks. Food items were all served at different times rather than at once, so you feel my difficulty to capture a good picture of everything.

This is our last day here, and I had to get the Korean sweet spicy chicken again. This time we got a large 10 pieces for 46 HKD/$5.96 to share. A few stores left, we paired it with freshly made juices. Tommy chose orange juice (large for 23 HKD/$2.98). I chose a veggie juice, containing celery, green pepper, green apple, cucumber, and bitter melon (medium for 17/$2.20). He had a machine for squeezing the orange juice of the oranges, a different juicer for mine veggie juice.

We explored Prince Edward area, north of Mongkok, by walking. We participated in a Seiko promo event. You show them that you liked Seiko HK on facebook, and you can spin a toy vending machine for prize. A lady in front of us won a Seiko watch in a nice gift box! We won Haribo gummy bears and two juice boxes.

By the fish market street, store after store were selling all kinds of fishes and related supplies. Once in a while, we would see a pet store with puppies or kittens on the store front glass displays. They are so cute! I just want to pet, hold, and cuddle with them!

Weekend or not, Nathan Road and Tung Choi street area, Mongkok in general really is just so busy. There is always something going on. You’ll never feel alone. Even previous nights after midnight, we still see people walking outside after the shops close. Us two ladies are returning home to rest our feet or take a nap. We have been walking nonstop for the past few hours minus the restaurant we ate at. The boys went to the tailoring shop to pick up their suit. They returned at 6 pm and we separated for the rest of the day. 

We wanted to explore Central more and MTR took us directly there. Mak’s noodle house was highly reviewed so here we are! Upon ordering, menu is simple which that’s always a plus in my books. Price is decent on paper, until we saw the actual food in this tiny rice bowl. We got the shrimp wonton (40 HKD/$5.18) and beef tendon noodle (44 HKD/$5.70). We thought the ammonia flavor we don’t like from all wonton soup noodles is the noodle problem, but it’s actually from the weird shrimp flavor but it was full of that flavor when we ate the wontons. But usually they bowl everything in one pot of water that’s infrequently changed so many soup dishes may have the flavor. After leaving the restaurant, we kept on feeling that dry taste in our mouth from too much MSG or fake flavoring for the soup. Rather than the 4 stars, I’d give this 2 stars. For 84 HKD/$10.88, I can get almost two bowls of Sister Wah noodles which are 5x the size of these teeny bowls. 

That was more of a snack than dinner for us. Half an hour later at 8 pm, we ate at Xiao Yu Tian (小雨天), directly translated to Little Rainning Day. This is the same exact place we saw the outside seating the other day where they cleaned out outside stalls by 6 pm. I’m so glad we came in here and gave this place a shot! We only chose two items, since we weren’t too hungry but was not satisfied from before. The pork rib bone soup with rice (43 HKD) is so clean, refreshing, and warming. The bowl is huge! This deep bowl that’s in an oval shape instead of he typical round bowl. Such a good idea to get the veggie (20 HKD) too since we really have not been eating much veggies for this trip, as usual when traveling and eating out. We decided to add the lemon iced tea too and that was a great way to end the entire meal. This is so satisfying! If I discovered this place earlier, we’d be back for a legit full dinner meal. 

Time to walk those calories off! It’s not bad when you’re exploring a new place since you’re constantly observing your surroundings rather than focusing attention on being tired. The Central Mid Levels Escalator is so cool! Longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world! We started from the bottom and just kept on riding on the escalator up and up until we reached the top. It felt pretty high at one point, elevating up to 443 feet; it wasn’t a straight shot directly up so pictures doesn’t do justice. 

We didn’t have to walk all the way down after though. Imagine climbing up these stairs everyday for exercising! 

Want to go bar hoping? Check out Lan Kwai Fong area, very hip and full of people, bar after bar, and many restaurants of all cuisines in the area. We saw hookah bars, middle eastern food, and lots of people of all diversity. 

We headed back home in Yau Ma Tai, and picked up more street food snacks which I’m very happy about. We live in such a busy area and passing by these street food tests our self control each time. At Kia Kei Shack, we got another octopus skewer. This is our third one thus far, so good 18 HKD/$2.33. 

Same stretch on Dundas, King of Coconut tasted even better this time! So fresh and taste just like coconut! Large cup for 22 HKD/$2.85 is so worth it. This is second time and I’m going to have to get another one tomorrow. It counteracts with the oily, fried, and strong flavors of other street foods. 

By Circkle K, try Takoyaki, it’s all kinds of dough ball with different meat or flavor. The Octopus Curry one was so good (26 HKD/$3.37). It was strange at first but it’s actually really good! It’s doughy in the middle with a piece of octopus and it’s topped with warm curry sauce. 

We are ending the day early for once at 11 pm. Maybe we will finish packing tonight. Going to see how I’m going to stuff the set of bowls and two piece of shirt/cardigan into my suitcase. 


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