Hong Kong Day 9 

Our last day here, not even a full day. It feels like we just got here. It’s starting to feel like home. We had to make the most of this half day before we go home, pull away from vacation mode, and deal with reality.

Dim sum has to be checked off from our bucket list. Tim Ho Wan in short was a disappointment. Monday’s to Friday’s they open at 10 am, we got there at 10:03 am and had to get a number and wait for half an hour. I blame it on the tour group that was hogging up all the tables. We ordered lots of food for the four of us, totaling 310 HKD/$41. Differently than regular dim sum with ladies pushing the carts, they need customers gone fast so we mark on the paper what/how many we want to order. They bring everything to us one by one. Everything on the table, they give us the bill that we take to to cashier as we leave.

As a Yelp reviewer, I’d give this place a 2 stars but because they got the roasted pork buns going, I’m giving them a 3 stars. Honestly though these Michelin restaurants have not been that great. I can be a better food critic and recommend better restaurants. Roasted pork buns I’ll give it to them that they know what they’re doing on that one. Sightly sweet flaky outside, hot and juicy as you take your initial bite. An order comes with three buns, two orders was clearly not enough. Everything else was below average. Maybe we should have just balled out on the buns instead of all these other shenanigans. Leaf wrapped sticky rice was so dry; it didn’t even beat the one I got in that small shop the other night. Too much fake flavoring or msg or way too oily for other stuff. Even the tea provided had a moldy sewer taste so I can’t even wash down the oil by drinking something hot. We could not finish everything, not because we were full but because it was painful to eat something that doesn’t taste good. My Yelp review will not be a happy one.

As we walk back to apartment to check out by noon, we passed by a herbal tea place. We haven’t had herbal tea yet despite seeing it everywhere we go. Tommy got a bowl 9 HKD/$1.17. He stood at the counter and downed the entire bowl like what we saw a local do before us. Meanwhile, our friend grabbed a warm herbal jelly and ate it like a dessert, topping it with sweet syrup to fight the bitter herbal taste. She got it not because she enjoyed eating it, but to make her itchy throat feel better as she was starting to get sick. I’m not about this; I tried both and couldn’t deal with either one. I know it’s proabably good for you but I just can’t. The herbal tea version is way more concentrated and bitter than the jelly.

After checking out, we enjoyed the last of the Hong Kong air while daydreaming in the sitting area park by h&m near ladies market. Sipping on my last cup of King of Coconut juice, I don’t think I’m ready to go back. The sun decides to show up on the last day we are here. Where were you the other days?

Like other reddit posts, my looking up Hong Kong photo from my last moment of this trip.

We have our luggage and is on our way to the A22 bus straight to the airport. Bakeries and egg tart for the plane ride. (We didn’t end up eating it and it survived all the way to our home.)

On the bus, I look outside the window, jealous of all the other people living in Hong Kong. Maybe they were jealous of me too going to the U.S.

Cathay Pacific. Oh Cathay pacific. My friend actually is a flight attendant for them and I heard they were pretty good. Wrong. We were stuck with two separate seats. Again. Middle seats. Again. These tickets were booked more than six months ago and we can’t even get seated together. It’s an overbooked flight. Whatever. I even tried to online check in for return trip but it wouldn’t let me. Cathay lady at the counter explained it’s because it’s a full flight.

To make ourselves feel better about this helpless situation, we head to priority pass lounge. Free food always helps. They had noodle bar, around 8 hot dishes (rice, pasta, curry chicken, veggies, etc), soup (red bean and chowder), small salad bar, small desserts area, and beverages. We got bits of everything. Beer is available but no hard liquor like other lounges. Best choices: bread pudding topped with creamy milky pudding drizzle sauce, and the butter cookies in the jar.

We grabbed bottled water for the plane ride; only to find out they did another security bag check right at the gate too. Who does that? Why? We were always under the impression after passing the first security, we can buy beverages or buy liquids at souvenir shops to bring on. All the new bottled water, gone.

Ready to conquer this almost 16 hour flight. Return trips always feel faster. Sitting in the last row isn’t bad, steps away from four restrooms, seats still recline like the others. I’ve watched 4 movies on our way there and watched another 4 on this flight. Sleeping. Eating.

I do like the menu they pass out before flight takes off. I like to see the food options and think ahead on what I’d like to eat rather than trying to decide in two seconds of less when the flight attendant asks you on other airlines.

Upon landing, we are tired and sluggish. Inching in line steps, like a turtle, to cross the customs finish line. Get our luggages. Leave the airport. Drive another 2.5 hours to get home home. At 1 am, we are not tired but made ourselves to go to sleep. We know this jet leg will really kick in tomorrow 3-7 pm. Here we are, home sweet home.


12 thoughts on “Hong Kong Day 9 

  1. Oh, this post brings back so many memories -King of Coconut especially 💕! Sorry to hear that Tim Ho Wan was a disappointment for you 😦 which one did you go to? I always used to go to the one in North Point and it was pretty good!


      1. Same, it’s around 12/13hrs for me 😳 also, I dislike Cathay too! Flying with Finnair was a much better experience despite having a layover instead of going direct :’) ooo, I’ve never visited that one before, if you go back, do try North Point’s! Never had much of an issue with queues either 😊


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