Dominican Republic Day 1: All-Inclusive Resort Luxury Bahia Principe 

Departure from JFK, love being in priority pass lounges. Delta is at terminal 4, so it’s WingTip Lounge. Hanging in there made two hours of waiting fly by like nothing. 

Eat a little here. Grab some food. Chicken noodles. Eggs. Coffee. 

Eat a little there. A Heineken. Pretzels. Nuts. Cookies. Croissant.

Flight is almost 4 hours, direct nonstop flight from JFK to SDQ. All tourists are required to buy a tourist card upon arrival, before customs, $10 per person. Exception is only 6 countries: South Korea, Peru, Argentina, Japan and 2 more. U.S citizen like me, we pay. 

We booked through with the airport transfer add-on, $50 per person for round trip. We didn’t want to worry about finding two taxis for the five of us or transportation methods with all our luggages so we thought $25 per person per ride is fair to save the hassle on the day off. 

Upon exciting the customs, almost exiting the terminal, we saw the blue shirt Amstar guy holding a sign that had Amstar and logo. He guided us to the van. We questioned ourselves if we got into the right van since they didn’t verify our name and we saw multiple company names on the van sign: JJ Tours, Amstar, cheapcaribbean, Apple vacations. Thankfully, it was right. 

On the road, we rode from airport eastward along the ocean line towards resort in La Romana. Observing outside, the country appears poor, run down shacks, people standing outside small side vendors. Concerned, my family double checked with me and asked to see pictures of where I booked. Funny. No worries, it was like a completely new place once we turned the corner. 

Passing through a gated region, we enter into a paradise like place seen in the movies. Big signs. Large villas. We have arrived! By now, we tipped out a few bucks already. The guy who took our luggages $2, the guy who guided us to van $2, the driver who drove us 45 minutes from airport to our all inclusive resort $5. 

Bahia Principe has two areas: grand and luxury. Grand guests does not have access into the luxury part, whereas luxury guests can go to both areas. So it’s just like the luxury side is exclusive for luxury guests. For luxury part, more options for sure and less people in swimming pools and food places. 

Two people guided the 5 of us to our rooms. One person who was explaining to us where facilities are as we walked from lobby to our villa. The other person followed behind us with our luggages. The room is just like the photos, as expected, roomy, sunny and clean with balcony view. 

Being our first night here, arriving by 6 pm. We can go to buffet for dinner. So much food! Sushi, many types of fish, seafood, all meats, breads, cold appetizers, desserts and some soups. Everything looks on point! All about the aesthetics! 

After dinner, it was already dark but feels so good to walk outside under the sky full of stars. Encountered three swimming pools, chairs by the beach under huts. I can imagine how beautiful this place is during the daytime! 

It’s 10 pm, let’s call it a night, watch some tv and get some beauty rest. Stocked up fridge too, refilled everyday when they clean the room. 


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