Dominican Republic Day 2: Resort Mode 

Some motivation we got on the first morning here to wake up at 7 am and jog. Let’s see if we can do this everyday. I’m eating more and moving more. I am staring at the palm trees, artistically swaying and singing the tunes of nature. 

We jogged along the beach, and headed down and up. Within 3 minutes, we are at the Beach Club Playa Nueva Romana where they have an infinity pool. Within minutes in the other direction, we are at the Grand side, with the pool bar and dock. 

It doesn’t take too long to walk from one place to another. It seems like a gigantic place on map but walking is fairly close. The Bahia Principe village area is a neat area with shops, Disco Bachata, Bar Plaza Mayor, and Church. 

At the sports center, there are 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, and bike rental for riding inside the resort. 

In the common areas like lobby, there are sofas and drinks at places here and there, so help yourself. The pool bar Flamboyan is the only pool for the Grand side. 

Amstar designated time for us to meet today to show us excursion information. From the various excursion options, like cave, Sanoa island, and scape park. Different tours have various prices per person and specified days. Range is from $85-110 per person. 

Buffet Jasmin is one of the two buffet options at the luxury side of Bahia Principe. We were eager to have lunch and arrived at noon. They open at 1 pm so we came back after chilling in our room until they open. Lunch choices are just as much as dinner from last night. Food looks great, it’s a gamble as it’s hard to tell what looks good vs what tastes good. Trick is to get a little of everything rather than a lot of anything that “looks” good. 

I know it’s bad but we went to take a nap after lunch. Recharge in the middle of the day feels good. Day nap is the best. We are on vacation. It’s all good. 

During the day, we booked dinner at one of the three restaurants in Luxury side for tonight: Don Pablo Restaurant. We heard from multiple resort staff that it’s the best one. Hubby didn’t bring long pants and wore his khaki shorts, hoping it’ll be fine. The hostess informed us he would need pants. We got creative and went back to the room so he can change into my Aztec pants.  He rocked it. 

Restaurant is beautiful, modern chic. My kind of style. First up, a bunch of alcohol in a droplet that pops in the mouth. Cheers!

Menu for drinks and wine for surcharge. They also have a chosen white wine and red wine that is free of charge. 
Simple menu. Me likey. Reminds of the cruise dinner menu. 

After ordering, we went to the mini buffet section for appetizers and small tapas. 

They brought us more appetizers than we ordered which I was amazed with. Now we are close to half full from just pre-entree food! 

Food was served with the lid on. “No peeking!” Waiters said. One, Two, Tree, they lifted each one at one time. Enjoying the aesthetic art of each plate. Dig in! We also tried each other’s plates to taste the varying flavors. Duck. Lamb. Steak. Chef’s special Shrimp. Sea bass. 

They are close to being done. But I always got room for dessert! We tried 3/4 since we didn’t want the cheese one. Chocolate Lava cake with orange ice cream, Chocolate bombe surprise, and crepe. Coffee with milk as well, perfect. 

It’s still early at 8 pm, we saw nobody is in the pool. We got changed and dipped in for a swim. After half an hour, a staff told us it was closed and we can come back in the morning. Oh, pool hours are 9 am to 7 pm! Ooooops, no wonder there was nobody in the pool. 

Today is the best show, supposedly. Michael Jackson at 10 pm. Funny story. We got there and realized it was the end. I looked back at the show board schedule. It says 21:00, which somehow my mind remembered it to be 10 pm. Only caught the end of the show. 

Very good. Casino time!

We roamed around, followed the disco light by the village. Live music. People sitting down and watching. Staff members on break asked ladies to dance. This is what I’m talking about! And there’s an open buffet with burgers and hot dogs. 

With that, we needed to head back to get ready for a full day of excursion. 7:30 am departure! 


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