Dominican Republic Day 4: All Inclusive Adult Only Resort 

Today is fully relaxing and taking the most out of our full last day here. Being grateful of each moment and absorbing each second in. 

Breakfast at Jasmin buffet. I’ve learned to limit my buffet meals to just one plate at this point. Ok. One plate and a half for breakfast. Freshly squeezed orange juice. Watermelon juice. Coffee con leche. 

Rather than spending time by the pool, we wanted to face the ocean view and feel the palm tree breeze. I’m scared after I got sunburned already on my shoulders without even trying to tan yesterday. I don’t know how people tan for hours outside. Took a nap under the straw umbrella, with the background bachata music playing from the pool area behind us. 

Lunch time! Disappointed that the other Luxury buffet “Las Dalias” is closed again (maybe because there aren’t many people) so we are at Buffet “Jasmin”. 

Water sports is supposedly open 7 am to 8:30 pm, but it was closed when we got there. Maybe badminton. But he said the shuttlecock is broken. Even though everything is listed on website and brochure, does not mean everything is available when you plan on doing it. 

Instead, I joined the later half of Pilates by the pool. Boy, was it a good work out. I sweating and having fun! I wish they had a schedule of these somewhere. Glad I was at the right place at the right time! 

Hubby doesn’t know how to swim so he’s been walking and hanging inside pools. Dad continues to try to teach him. He’s starting to get it! I think. Swimming is much easier at a young age! It’s important not to be scared of water. But when you don’t know how to swim, it’s scary. Very counterintuitive. I’m glad I learned to swim when I was young as I feel like it would have been much harder to learn now. 

Dinner reservation at Italian restaurant Ilcapricio 6:30 pm, on Grand side. Got there at 7 pm and it was fine. 

 Appetizers and desserts are buffet style. Only entree is order. Pizza, lasagne, beef fillet, and ravioli. Service is not as good here, compared to the luxury restaurants from prior days. 

Let’s check out Buffet Orquidea and see how it is. We expect that it’s worse than Buffet Jasmin on our luxury side. Food is similar, less seafood and choices. More seating and kids around. Interestingly utensils are cheaper quality. Nonetheless we thought it was good to see. 

Much nicer to be on the adult only luxury side. More choices, food, and less people, especially kids. Better service too. 

Casino. It is open and yet nobody was inside. We decided to drop $150 USD to play. $100 for dad. $50 for me. We lost it all in under 25 minutes. Limited tables, only blackjack table and roulette table. We played both. Win some lose some. It would have been better if more people were playing. 

9 pm talent show. Disappointing. Didn’t start until 9:15 pm. 4 ladies were chosen to each do a dance, sexy walk, poses, and act out in the same skit. That was pretty much the whole show. It was bad enough I didn’t even think of taking a photo. 

By 10 pm, we were heading back to call it a night. As much as I wanted to spend more time outside, moisquitos are out to get me! I have over 5+ itchy bites already. 


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