Dominican Republic Day 5: Last minute wonders 

As the trip comes to an end, I feel that 5 days here is enough. We have explored most of what we wanted to and it’s enough heat and relaxation. Time to get back to reality! 

Last breakfast here at Jasmin. This buffet style food is not good for dieting. My eyes always wants more and my tummy may disagree. 

In this heat, it’s tempting to stray back to the cool room with the AC. But it’s our last day so let’s make the most of it. Playing pool during the day time is great because you won’t need to fight people for it. 

Rather than lying in bed in hotel room, enjoy the weather sleeping on a cabana, drinking a mojito. 

When that’s done, I challenge hubby to a game of chess. He didn’t even know I knew how to play! It was a tie! 

Last Lunch at Jasmin buffet. It’s getting real. We are closer to closer to leaving! 

Goodbye Luxury Bahia Principe! Goodbye Dominican Republic! 

Priority lounge in SDQ airport is small with limited snacks and drinks. Bathroom is clean with calming music playing. 


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