Montreal Day 1: Our luck on Grand Prix weekend 

Technically half day here, we drove close to 6 hours from home to the city of Montreal. This is our 4th time here but each time is different as we travel with different friends or family. 

We are in luck, here on the days of Grand Prix June 9-11. Fancy cars, brand promotions, food trucks. It’s mucher nicer here when we happen to bump into events like these, without even realizing it. 

We stopped at Banque Nationale Du Canada, very good exchange rate! Google says 1 usd to 1.34 cad, bank had 1.3165 cad with $3 transaction fee. A little hangry at 2 pm, we stopped at Shawarmaz. Each plate is very filling, 1-2 people is no problem. 3 different plates with 3 drinks for 43 CAD. 

Notre Dame Basilica is a must see! Admissions is only 6 cad, definitely worth it. I am extremely wowed by its interior beauty. Built in 1823, costing over 47 thousand, it still stands tall and strong! 

Walking down towards the Old Port of Montreal. Then drove towards Chinatown for haircut, dinner, bubble tea, and bakery for tomorrow. Even had a chance to get ramen for if we crave midnight snacks. 

Montreal downtown hotels are very expensive, and especially when you need two rooms, even when night can easily cost $400. Quality Inn Midtown is close to airport, only 15 minutes drive to downtown Montreal at around $130/night, on the cheaper end of the hotels we looked at. Older looking/outdated, fridge no microwave, includes breakfast, free parking upon availability. 


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